The Dream


Picture this:

Laughter, bustling conversations, light upbeat music playing, the smell of chocolate and vanilla confections in the air. You walk in to pick up your morning coffee, order custom cupcakes for your child’s birthday, book the space, and not have to worry about party favors, snacks, activities, OR THE CLEANUP! All while enjoying a sip of coffee at your local J Spot.

Here at J Concepts, we have proudly been developing our J Craftyy and J Tastyy brands as our specialty divisions for all your party needs. We have thankfully been able to cater and create custom treats and gifts to many new and loyal customers over the years but are quickly outgrowing our current home aka Jenia’s house. We are in the process of finding a permanent home for the J Spot where we can bring our delicious J Tastyy menu and our party planning skills from J Craftyy to a local storefront.

We envision a space with an outside patio and a large convertible indoor space to house our bakery and craft shop by day and amazing events and celebrations by night. We’re working on building a library to bring to a quiet corner for those early morning visitors and anyone looking for some fun and tasty inspiration, refining our selection of client craft projects, honing our own skills for all the customizable gifts we offer, and of course keeping up with local trends to keep up our expertise on throwing the BEST parties!

Whether you need just the gift, the treats, the decor, the event space or the whole shebang we want to say “we’ve got you covered!” at the J Spot and look forward to creating a space that both allows us to do what we love and what our community loves: from Monthly Community Chef Dinners to Craft Classes and Paint n Sips. We want the J Spot to be THE Spot!

So here’s where you come in!

Our ideal location is in the Commerce City/Henderson area between 104th and 120th. This would provide us access to most highways, main roads and all of the schools we wish to work with through our journey. As an alumna to the 27J school district, it is important that I continue to grow and establish roots here as not only a true local but as a small business owner looking to involve and expand our local community engagement.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping us reach our dream, please contact me.

With Love,
Jenia Crail